1lb Trimmed CBD or CBG Flower – White Label Options Retail

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 High CBD / CBG low THC industrial hemp flower

Our hemp flowers are tightly trimmed with a 8-10% moisture content.  They are indoors grown, slow cured and seed free. Each strain has it’s own pungent and terrific aroma, and all CBD levels are 16-22% for COA’s. All hemp is below 0.3% delta-9 THC and is 100% federally legal.

Price Includes:
  • Your logo, website, Instagram, and/or company slogan private label on EACH jar
  • A QR code with lab results
  • A unique barcode on each strain/product line with your company info
  • High quality moisture proof glass jars and lids, or band sealed bags
  • Tamper evident heat shrink seals

    What is CBG

    Cannabigerol or CBG is a cannabinoid that’s found in the cannabis plant that is actually what we call the precursor to THC and CBD. It’s the first compound that’s made by the plant. There’s an enzymatic reaction which then change into THC or change into CBD. Sort of the stem cell of all the other cannabinoids found in the plant. It can form THC, it can form CBC, and it can form CBD and even some other minor cannabinoids. Our CBG contains Zero THC / CBD

MSRP +50%