50 Pack x 1 Gram Premium Rosin Dabs- White Label Retail

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50 Pack x 1 Gram Premium Rosin Dabs- White Label

Our case quantities include 50 x 1 Gram packs of kief. These 1 gram packs retail for $50 each and include your logo and website on the top, with a QR code to scan the lab results on the underside. We sell high CBD kief extracted from our premium hemp material by the ounce. Kief consists of broken off trichomes filtered through a mesh screen. All our Kief remains under 0.3% for Delta-9 THC and in terms of CBD it is over 40% CBD. This is AMAZING full spectrum concentrate. Our prices can’t be beat, as this powder retails for $20 per gram! The reviews have come back and this product is a top seller and is AMAZING all around. It has a nice earthy aroma with hints of berry. Shipping is always FREE and guaranteed delivery or we reship. For videos of this product go to our Instagram links.


1 Case of 50: $900 ($18 Each)

10 Cases of 50: $7500 ($15 Each)